Dr. Sam Shay, DC, IFMCP

Doctor of chiropractic, Fitgenes Practitioner, Member of the Institute for Functional Medicine.

  • An Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFM.org)
  • A Certified Fitgenes Practitioner 
  • A Kalish Practitioner for the Kalish Institute for Functional Medicine (www.KalishInstitute.org
  • Doctor of Chiropractic, Acupuncturist
  • Founder of www.DrSamShay.com – a cutting edge health blog on functional genetics, functional testing, and addictions to food/sugar and screens.
  • Creator of the "Ten Pillars of Health™" method to assess your functional health.
  • Creator of the "TAME the BEAST™" of addiction method: A revolutionary holistic approach to reversing addiction. 

Dr. Shay walked his own health journey from being chronically unwell from age 6-18 and overcoming anxiety, insomnia, chronic gut issues, sugar addiction and video game addiction. He dedicated his life to natural medicine get himself and others well, which led him to functional medicine and functional testing. 


Dr. Thomas O'Bryan

When it comes to getting healthy, Dr. Tom O'Bryan’s goal for you is ‘Making It Easy To Do the Right Thing’. As an internationally recognized, admired and compassionate speaker focusing on food sensitivities, environmental toxins, and the development of autoimmune diseases, Dr. Tom's audiences discover that it is through a clear understanding of how you got to where you are, that you and your Dr. can figure out what it will take to get you well. 

Dr. O’Bryan is considered a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ for chronic disease and teaches that recognizing and addressing the underlying mechanisms that activate an immune response is the map to the highway towards better health. He holds teaching Faculty positions with the Institute for Functional Medicine and the National University of Health Sciences. He has trained and certified tens of thousands of practitioners around the world in advanced understanding of the impact of wheat sensitivity and the development of individual autoimmune diseases. Dr. O'Bryan's most recent book, You Can Fix Your Brain: Just 1 Hour a Week to the Best Memory, Productivity, and Sleep You've Ever Had, was published through Rodale Books in September 2018, to global accolades. This best seller offers a step-by-step approach to better cognitive function, from nutrition to environment to toxicity, ultimately creating better long-term memory and a sharper mind. 

In November 2016, Dr. O’Bryan released Betrayal: The Autoimmune Disease Solution They're Not Telling You, an investigation into why our immune system, designed to protect us, begins attacking our own tissue (autoimmunity). Currently, over 500,000 people worldwide have watched the Docuseries. www.betrayaldocumentary.com 

His 2016 ground-breaking book, winner of the National Book Award and ranked #1 in several categories on Amazon.com, The Autoimmune Fix outlines the step-bystep development of degenerative diseases and gives the tools to identify our disease process years before the symptoms are obvious and how to turn your health around, one step at a time. 

He is the founder of www.theDr.com and the visionary behind ‘The Gluten Summit -A Grain of Truth’, bringing together 29 of the world’s experts on the gluten connection to diseases, disorders, and a wide-range of symptoms and ages. You can find this info at www.theglutensummit.com


Dr. Aimie Apigian

Dr. Aimie is a Board-Certified Preventive Medicine Physician who specializes in trauma, attachment and addiction medicine. After throwing herself into finding answers on how to help her foster-adopted son as he struggled with severe emotional and behavioral issues, she started to see how much of trauma is biology, not psychology. 

After 6 exhausting years the pieces came together for her son, and as he successfully shifted into feeling loved and understood, she then developed chronic fatigue and autoimmune issues, and discovered her own trauma patterns at the root of it. By what she calls, "biohacking trauma, attachment and the nervous system," she has found it is possible to rewire the insecure attachment, trauma patterns and accumulated stress that is stored in our bodies. 

She is the founder and director of Family Challenge Camps, a weekend intensive for families looking to build health and connection in their relationships after stress. She has written a Roadmap to Accelerating the Rewiring of Trauma Patterns and a manual for Attachment Parenting and runs online 2-3 month courses for both adults and parents. She loves seeing the change happen with working directly with the body and optimizing one’s biology for connection and aliveness. 


Dr. Morgan Camp

Dr. Morgan is an expert in Functional and Integrative Medicine with a Strong Emphasis in: 

Bio-Identical Hormones 

Longevity & Regenerative Medicine 

Chronic Infections 



GI Health 

Stress-Related illnesses 

In addition to his 20 years of work in Functional Medicine, he has expanded his practice to include work on the deeper aspects of our being that point to the root cause of our illnesses working with Mind Body Wellness, Energy Medicine, and Healing with Consciousness. 

Dr. Morgan Practices in the Bay Area. He loves hiking, swimming, meditating, working out, cooking, skiing & yoga. He is passionate about the evolution of consciousness and the inter-relatedness of our health, our beliefs, and our state of mind. True Prevention. In addition to treating patients with Chronic Illness, Dr. Morgan Camp has had great success in helping those blessed with good health, improve their health to their peak and keep it there. And that is where he finds his deepest joy and satisfaction, in helping his clients reach and stay their best and to teach them how to stay Youthful and Rejuvenated. 

Heal Thy Self. Dr. Morgan is passionate about helping his clients learn to take care of themselves. And to continually expand into ever-increasing states of well being and ease. Far removed from the paternalistic doctors of the past, he is here to be your Advisor, Advocate, and Source of Inspiration and to ultimately teach you how to take care of yourself. 

Wounded Healer. Dr. Morgan has personally overcome many life-threatening illnesses and conditions and lives the life and walks the walk that he recommends to each of you. He empathizes with you and wants to help you to discover the gifts inherent in each of the challenges that you face. 

Mentors. Dr. Morgan's mentors are some of the best Functional Medicine practitioners in the world, including Dr. Dan Kalish DO (Professor at the Institute for Functional Medicine), Thierry Hertoghe MD (world-renowned specialist in Bio- Identical hormone therapy), Dr. Jonathan Wright MD, Dr. Beth McDougall, MD.

What Dr. Morgan Brings to Clients PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 

• 2004-Present: Morgan Camp MD and Associates: Functional and Integrative Medicine Center 

• 2019-Present: Chief Medical Officer at Manj Medical 

• 2019- Present: Chief Medical Officer VyByt Technologies 

• 2019-Present: Chief Medical Officer and Founder of Hidden Causes, LLC 2019: Founder of Be Serene 

• 2014-2019: Founder and CEO of San Franskinny Medical Weight Loss Clinic 


• Family Practice Residency Training at USCF 

• Emory University School of Medicine: MD Degree 

• Vanderbilt University: Chemistry, Magna Cum Laude 


Dr. Christina Bjorndal

Dr. Christina Bjorndal, B.Comm, ND, graduated from UBC in 1990 with Bachelor of Commerce Degree with honours. She was Valedictorian of her graduating class. She completed her Doctorate in naturopathic medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2005. She is one of the only licensed NDs in Canada who is considered an authority in the treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders and eating disorders. A gifted speaker and writer, she has shared her personal story and philosophy of wellness with audiences across North America and has appeared on many health summits and radio shows such as The Jenny McCarthy Show, and a the docuseries “Interconnected”. She is recognized as one of the top NDs to follow by two independent organizations. Dr. Chris has helped many patients navigate through labels and stigma towards physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Having overcome many challenges in the sphere of mental health, Dr. Chris is especially exceptional about sharing her motivational speeches about how to overcome barriers in life and to encourage others to achieve their full potential. She loves her work and balances it with a full, active lifestyle with her husband and son. She has completed four books on mental health as well as a 10-week course and in-person retreat on mental health:

For more information or to book Dr. Chris to speak to your organization visit drchristinabjorndal.com.


Dr. Evan Hirsch

Dr. Evan Hirsch is the #1 best selling author of Fix Your Fatigue: The 4 step process to resolving fatigue, achieving abundant energy and reclaiming your life! 

He is also one of the world’s leading experts on finding the root causes of fatigue and resolving them naturally. 

He suffered with fatigue for 5 years before he achieved resolution using the Fix Your Fatigue Program that he developed in his medical practice. 

He has helped thousands of people optimize their energy naturally and is on a mission to help 1 million more through his online programs and the training of providers. 

He works mainly with exhausted, health-conscious, everyday people who can’t reach their potential because of fatigue and low energy. 

In 2018, he transitioned to a virtual practice so that he could work remotely with people around the world. He now helps other doctors do the same so that they can have more impact, more success and a greater quality of life.  

He has lectured nationally and internationally on topics in integrative and functional medicine and is board certified in family medicine and integrative medicine. 

When he’s not at the office, you can find him singing musicals, playing basketball, traveling, dancing hip hop, and spending time with his wife and daughter.


Dr. Nisha Chellam

While I was doing my undergraduate degree at UBC in the late 1980’s, I experienced a debilitating depression and anxiety. I also had an eating disorder and was not coping with the stress I was under at that time. Like most people, I had not heard about Naturopathic medicine so I was treated with medications that were not effective. After taking the medication that was initially prescribed to alleviate depression, I swung into a psychotic manic episode and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 1.

In 1994, after surviving a suicide attempt (which left me in a coma, on dialysis waiting for a kidney transplant), I finally began the healing process after reading a book called “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson. Up until this point I was living with the shame and stigma of having a mental illness and I had not accepted myself.

The sole reason I became a Naturopathic Doctor was because when I was struggling with my illness there weren’t many natural experts in the field. After attending a Mental Health Regained Public Forum in 1999, I became a patient of Dr. Abram Hoffer’s (a nutritionally oriented psychiatrist) and experienced my first depression and anxiety free year in 13 years. I also made some major life changes, such as resigning from my corporate job, where I reported to the CEO and travelled frequently and I began the process of inquiry into what I really wanted to be doing with my life.

After sitting with the question “If money didn’t matter, what would I be doing?” the answer revealed itself to me in a tiny whisper “Become a Naturopathic Doctor and help people heal from anxiety, depression , anorexia, bulimia, bipolar disorder (types 1 or 2), addiction, ADD/ADHD, etc using natural therapies and orthomolecular medicine – as you have been helped“.

My books, 10 week course and in-person retreat teach you how you can regain your mental health using a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual approach to health. Let me guide you on the path to wellness so you can fulfill your potential and be free from the mental prison you may be living in. My goal is to help people living in Edmonton be the best they can be.


Dr. Rana Mafee

Dr. Mafee has a passion for fighting neurological diseases.  She works tirelessly to help find and apply new methods for treating patients experiencing chronic, degenerative states.  At the same time, Dr. Mafee believes wholeheartedly in preventative neurology and works with patients across the board to help incorporate lifestyle choices that insure health long into the future. 

Dr. Mafee's quest began when she was confronted with the limits of her traditional training.  Not satisfied with Neurology's standard approach to "diagnose and say adios" to patients, she quickly expanded her horizons so she help answer the bigger questions:  

 "Why are you sick?  How can we help fix your mind and your body?" 

 By combining acupuncture and Functional Medicine with Neurology, she's been able to create a whole-systems approach that incorporates mind + body + spirit that deliver transformational results.  

Dr. Mafee is dual board certified in Neurology and Integrative Medicine.  She graduated from Rush University, completed residency training at the University of Iowa, followed by a fellowship at the University of Illinois.  She practiced general neurology in private practice and has served as an assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  In 2013 she completed training in medical acupuncture through the Helms Medical Institute, one of the premier physician acupuncture training programs, following by training at the Institute for Functional Medicine's, becoming one of the first Neurologists to complete the certification. 


Debora Wayne

Debora Wayne, Founder & CEO of The International Chronic Pain Institute® is a world-renowned energy healer specializing in the HighSpeed Healing™ method for rapid release of Chronic Pain, Acute Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, battles with Weight, Binge-Eating, Chronic Fatigue, and other chronic conditions.

Her specialty is helping people to find and remove the Hidden Reasons that lie at the root of pain, symptoms, and suffering but that often don't show up on diagnostic tests.

A highly sought after speaker, and Amazon #1 Bestselling Author of “Why Do I Still Hurt?, Debora has earned degrees and certifications in Psychology, Hypnotherapy, & Chemical Dependency Counseling, has 35 + years practicing and teaching Meditation, is a nationally recognized Glass Artist, a former professional Modern Dancer, Certified Yoga Instructor, and leads the Only Practitioner Training worldwide in the HighSpeed Healing™ method. 


Dr. Shelly Sethi

Dr. Shelly Sethi is a board certified family physician with an emphasis on integrative and functional medicine.  

I believe that health is a journey and manifests through a balance of nutrition, environment, community, spirituality and physical movement.

As a result of my own educational and life journey, I’m thrilled to be able to offer you the best of integrative medicine; and to design a program of healing and wellness that will be just right for you.  

My own journey began at a young age with meditation, when I experienced the profound effect it had on my mindset and outlook. In college, I read Dr. Andrew Weil’s books relating nutrition and stress to health and disease. When my father was quite suddenly in dire need of cardiac bypass surgery, I began to wonder about how his situation could have been prevented. I enrolled in osteopathic medical school, because one of the main tenets of osteopathy is that the body has the capacity to heal itself.

I practiced in conventional family medicine for over 15 years, but felt frustrated by the lack of time to talk to my patients about the things that really matter and to provide them with the tools they need to make real and sustainable changes in their health. I decided that I wanted to practice a new kind of medicine.  

Today, I and my team, including a health coach and culinary instructor, are here to guide and support you in achieving a balanced, healthy life.

I am so grateful to be able to offer you the experience of personalized medicine, and to invite you to join our community.


  • Osteopathic Medical Degree, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Integrative Medical Degree, University of Arizona (with Dr. Andrew Weil)

Certifications & Continuing Education

  • American Board of Physician Specialties, board certified in Integrative Medicine
  • Institute of Functional Medicine
  • Botanical and Herbal Medicine Studies (with Dr. Tierona Low Dog)

ReNee Greenberg, RN, LAc, IFMCP

ReNee Greenberg, RN, LAc, MTOM, IFMCP is a women's hormone health expert who guides women over 40 back into balance through a whole body hormone health approach. ReNee has had a private, natural medicine practice for the last 19 years, working with thousands of women to share the power of natural medicine, diet & lifestyle.  She is an Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) trained certified practitioner and holds a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

ReNee currently works with clients through personalized telehealth individual and group sessions creating whole body transformation mind, body and spirit.


Dr. Trupti Gokani

She’s best known by those in Chicago’s North Shore for her revolutionary integrative approach to treating headache pain. The Zira Mind &Body Clinic’s patients swear by her unique methodology focused on healing the head by identifying the disconnect between the mind and the body. When not in the clinic, Dr. Gokani dedicates her insights to speaking and media engagements aiming to help Americans understand the “purpose” of their pain and how to heal themselves through a deeper appreciation of the mind-body-spirit connection.


Cat Dillon, RHN

Cat Dillon, RHN, (Registered Holistic Nutritionist), Professional Chef, and Certified Transformational Wellness Coach, assists wellness seekers through co-mingling food as medicine, holistic lifestyle principles and transformational coaching.

Cat teaches tangible steps to transform unsuccessful attempts at improving and maintaining health, into an empowering nutrition and self-care program that gives energy, focus and well-being for life.

Cat helps motivate and educate clients at any level of change, so they can become familiar with listening to their bodies' innate wisdom. By doing so, they can facilitate their own healing and receive their desired results. She helps clients suffering from weight loss resistance, sugar and carb cravings, allergies, immune system imbalance, digestive difficulties, anxiety/depression, insomnia, metabolic disorders, and many others.


Dr. Shelly Valdez

Dr. Shelly Valdez is a natural health educator specializing in women’s vitality and well-being. She is both a researcher and a multi-published author. She holds a degree in Biology and achieved a doctorate in Education and Leadership Studies at age 50, with her area of doctoral research focused on women leaders over the age of 65. She has been a birth doula and a grief counselor and understands women’s issues from pregnancy and birth to vital aging and loss. Shelly is also a cancer survivor who has dedicated her life since her cancer diagnosis at age 62 to natural health options. She uses her passions for education and natural wellness to help women over 50 re-think aging from a time of decline to a time of growth and strength by providing them with information and resources to achieve natural wellness in mind, body, and spirit in an integrative approach that includes movement, nutrition, mindset, and centers on essential oils.

Shelly’s mission is to empower you to take control of your physical and emotional health to live a vital, purpose-filled life at any age!  

Join her on Instagram @drshellyvaldez & in her Facebook group @Hi-Vibe Over 50 


Mindy Gorman-Plutzer, FNLP, CEPC, CHC

Mindy Gorman-Plutzer brings 25 years of nutritional counseling experience to her private practice as a Certified Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, Board Certified Integrative Health Coach, Certified Eating Psychology Coach. She introduces a unique functional approach to simple and complex health issues relating to or resulting from disordered and addictive eating behaviors. 

Mindy has combined her life experience with her extensive training to create a system of strategies that are a combination of functional nutrition, practical coaching techniques, results-oriented psychology, body-centered practices, and mind-body science; introducing a positive and compassionate resolution to the physical, mental and emotional challenges resulting from the aforementioned issues.

She is the author of The Freedom Promise: 7 Steps To Stop Fearing What Food Will Do TO You and Start Embracing What It Can Do FOR You, and recently launched her on-line program, “Stop Fearing Food and Start Loving Your Body: An Unconventional Approach to Say Goodbye to Your Disordered Eating for Good!”  Mindy has appeared on Sirius XM’s Doctor Radio, Huffington Post Live, ABC news.com/podcast, various syndicated radio shows and podcasts, and written for Mind Body Green. She blogs regularly on all subjects related to mind, body and spirit.


Stacy Hirsch, MES, CMT-P

Stacy Scheel Hirsch is a trauma-informed, certified mindfulness teacher, a personal development coach, an integrative health practitioner and an organizational development consultant. Her work ranges from teaching the science and practice of everyday mindfulness to helping organizations become more compassionate through a trauma-informed lens; an approach that prioritizes practices to support better nervous system function for all employees.

She holds two degrees in environmental studies, multiple coaching certifications and is a NARM Complex Trauma practitioner. Clients describe Stacy as “a deeply rooted person” with a “deep capacity for empathy and an ability to cut through foggy thinking with remarkable insight.”

Travel is her best nourishment, especially when it intersects with hiking, kayaking, long walks through urban landscapes, and really great food.


Dr. Katie Henry

Dr. Katie Henry is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Holistic Health and Business Coach, entrepreneur and passionate leader on a mission to transform healthcare. Our health and wellness is multifaceted and it is essential to support the mind, body, spirit and energy to create a thriving life and career.  

She earned her doctor of physical therapy from Duke University and is an expert in mindset, neuroscience, the brain and conscious business. She’s a certified holistic health coach and certified Brain Health Practitioner through the Amen Clinics. She has worked at top rehab hospital in the US, owned her own private practice as a pediatric physical therapist, taught as an adjunct professor at Northwestern University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, and run multiple businesses within holistic health and affiliate marketing. In addition to her formal education, she dove deep into learning and her spiritual practice and became a spiritual teacher, yoga/meditation, and reiki teacher, Licensed Desire Map and Fire Starter Session Facilitator, EFT practitioner, author, and speaker.

Dr. Katie believes life is full of lessons that build character and faith. We are magic. We have the ability to create whatever we desire in our life when we take radial responsibility and aligned action. We are all made for more and we get to activate the potential that lives within us. Joy is our natural state: tap into the curiosity, wonder, and joy within you!  It's time to activate your potential! -Dr. Katie Henry 


Dr. Tara Scott

Dr. Scott has been in front of an audience since she was the president of speech team in high school. This evolved in educating the community on hormone therapy, having taught doctors in five continents about an integrative approach. With over 20 years’ experience practicing OB/GYN, and additional training in Integrative and Functional medicine, Dr. Scott shares a wealth of information by lecturing around the community to raise awareness about wellness and preventative health for patients.

Having watched people suffer for years with little to no relief after countless visits to multiple healthcare providers, Dr. Scott knows how exhausting this can be. She has lived it as a patient and seen the benefit of finding answers to the core issues. Speaking helps her reach more people in less time, helping them conquer chronic health issues. Dr. Scott's humor and analogies make complex health concepts easy for the audience to understand and put into action in order to enjoy optimal health.

In addition to being the Medical Director of Integrative Medicine at Summa Health in Akron, OH, she is also the Chief Medical Officer and founder of Revitalize Medical Group, a wellness practice. She is triple board certified in OB/GYN, Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine. She is a mother of 3 college age children, enjoys running a half marathon in every state, traveling and being active outside.

She would welcome the opportunity to speak to your group.



Dr. Erika Austin is a Transformational Life Coach specializing in helping people through major life transitions. Whether dealing with divorce, the death of a loved one, career changes, or overwhelming health concerns, she will be your guide.

Erika understands loss and major life transitions from a professional as well as personal level. Over the past six years, as a transformational coach, Erika has been able to serve others going through loss by providing the guidance, support, and resources she wished she had during her own journey. Her coaching vision is to help transform challenging life transitions into an opportunity for positive growth and expansion. 

Erika has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California, Irvine. In addition to owning her life coaching practice, Erika has worked in many capacities, including non-profit director, university professor, middle school, and high school director and consultant. Beyond teaching several Sociology and Psychology courses, her professional experience as a director of a middle and high school sharpened her practical experience of working with individuals and families. 

Since that role, she has loved coaching people via one-on-one coaching sessions on how to better navigate loss. This includes going through the grief stages, redefining oneself, healing, and creating a renewed future. 

Erika's extensive background in psychology, sociology, and coaching gives her a unique perspective in helping people achieve greater joy, satisfaction, and success in all areas of their lives.


Lauren G. Foster

Lauren G. Foster is a Happiness Teacher and Founder of Be Happy First. She guides women to remember how to create amazing lives on their own terms, happy, healthy and free. She founded Be Happy First and began creating her Happy and Free on Purpose programs in 2014. She uses her certifications as a Primal Health Coach, Life Mastery Consultant, Meditation Teacher and Dream Builder Coach to teach real live actions to manifest health, wealth, joy and freedom for her students and clients. 

She loves traveling and meeting new people, experiencing different climates and cultures; and she REALLY loves coming back home to the solitude of her mountain home. She loves being alone with her fur babies, Raki, Laci, Romeo, Adonis, Willie and Dilly in the absolute peace and serenity of the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee. 


Elizabeth Priller, RN, BSN, CHC, RYT

Elizabeth (Chambers) Priller is a Registered Nurse, Certified Health Coach, Certified Fitness Instructor and Registered Yoga & Meditation Teacher specializing in Chronic Disease and Stress Management through the utilization of alignment in holistic health. Elizabeth helps people achieve their greatest state of wellness by infusing her 20 years of healthcare experience in public health, nursing leadership, critical care, secondary and post secondary education, and chronic disease management. Elizabeth’s philosophy is grounded in a principle that “The body follows the mind”. She believes a higher state of wellness and vitality in life can be achieved by all people. 

Elizabeth’s passion and calling is to work with those that are seeking an enhanced state of self. She also specializes in walking the journey with those with chronic conditions who need guidance in reaching their fitness, nutrition, and wellness goals. As a teen mother, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition at the age of 19, has managed migraines and chronic pain for over 25 years, and healed from a severe back injury through yoga practice and holistic care. Elizabeth has been able to learn and apply ground-breaking whole-body methods to bring unity to the mind, body, and spirit.

As an award-winning public speaker, nurse, and educator specializing in leadership, holistic health education, and what it is to be a thriving human, Elizabeth loves sharing her experiences and knowledge to spark a fire of change and positivity in those around her. Elizabeth has been awarded the State and Regional IACTE and ACTE Teacher of the Year awards, and a finalist for the National ACTE award. Elizabeth is currently certified with the National Society of Health Coaches as a Certified Health Coach for licensed professionals, a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, and a Certified Group Fitness Instructor with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Elizabeth enjoys solo travel, flying airplanes, practicing and teaching anything “yoga”. She thrives on spending time with her husband, daughters, and brand new grandson!


Antesa Jensen, BA, RYT

Antesa Jensen is an emotional intelligence expert who loves to shift paradigms through pitch perfect truth-telling. She is masterful in the art of weaving potent and precise energetic transmission through eloquent spoken word and captivating moments of silence in ways that dismantle the intellect and pierce straight to the heart of things, instantly unlocking hidden potential and the kind of resonance in connection we all crave. Antesa specializes in facilitating fundamental transformation — as well as cultivating these innate human skills in others — through keynote speeches, EQ workshops, expedition-style intensives through her company Adventure Awake, and 1:1 coaching.


Dr. Joe Pizzorno

Coming Soon


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What It Means to Be Happy and Free on Purpose

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