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Consumer Guide:  All you need to know about your thyroid and why you have symptoms

Dr. Chellam has written a book to help patients suffering from thyroid disorders resolve their issues by a systematic approach. 

You can find her Kindle book on Amazon: 

Transform your Thyroid 

About the Speaker

Dr. Nisha Chellam is the best selling author of Transform your thyroid: The Five steps to regain your thyroid and get back your life

She was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s but prior to this had a failing tug of war with weight gain, seasonal allergies, joint pains and migraine headaches with normal blood tests.. 

She was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and vitamin deficiencies when she got exposed to the clinical application of functional medicine. 

Applying these principles, she was able to completely resolve all of her medical issues. Since then her only goal has been to spread the message that there is a different way to diagnose and resolve health issues. She believes chronic symptoms are a default to not seeking a better way. 

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