Antesa Jensen, BA, RYT

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Breakthrough your limiting beliefs in ten easy steps.

This 10-step guide to dismantling the limiting beliefs that are governing your relationship with yourself and with others will help you clearly see where you need to cast doubt on what you're telling yourself and start to make different choices.

Embodied Resilience through Yoga: 30 Mindful Essays About Finding Empowerment After Addiction, Trauma, Grief, and Loss 

(book, released in September), contributing author 

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About the Speaker

Antesa Jensen is an emotional intelligence expert who loves to shift paradigms through pitch perfect truth-telling. She is masterful in the art of weaving potent and precise energetic transmission through eloquent spoken word and captivating moments of silence in ways that dismantle the intellect and pierce straight to the heart of things, instantly unlocking hidden potential and the kind of resonance in connection we all crave. 

Antesa specializes in facilitating fundamental transformation — as well as cultivating these innate human skills in others — through keynote speeches, EQ workshops, expedition-style intensives through her company Adventure Awake, and 1:1 coaching.

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